African Folk Art Project. The kids made the paper and then cut out the figures

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Adult Evening Class
 This evening is such a good time. Come and enjoy great company and give your artistic side a go!! For some this class is a way of committing to doing a piece each week, in a great social environment with someone around to offer tips and tricks. For others this class is a first step to trying out art... and don't worry, you'll get hooked. :)
Kids Classes 
Ages 4 +
We have a great time exploring in different mediums and working on the fundamentals of drawing and painting as well as discovering wild techniques!! Linear and Atmospheric perspective, portraits, shading, mixing colours, composition, positive and negative space are just some areas we look at. I've been told: "You can't teach that to kids." I tell you, kids are always underestimated. They often get concepts quicker than adults. :)
Private Tutoring  
upon request

You will also find me involved in local festivals doing charcoal portraits or running workshops such as: Branch Weaving or Splash Painting

For more information or an outlandish request go right ahead and contact me !!!
It is my experience and belief that everyone can learn to draw and paint!!

Examples of Student Work

(Above: 4 - 6 years old)

(Above: 7 - 12 years old)

(Above: Teenagers)

 (Below: Adults)


(Mixed Media)