Laser Cuts

Painted and Stained Selection
Hand Drawn and Painted Laser Cut Wood

Pendants . Brooches . Earrings . Magnets . Pins . Ornaments

Scandi Sweater Series as Framed Art

(A variety of colours and sizes available)

Custom Pendants



Framed Humpback Whales

Raw Wood Selection
Hand Drawn Laser Cut Wood

Clip-On Wooden Bow Tie

Humpback Whale Brooch or Magnet

Pendants . Earrings

Earrings . Buttons . Pins . Magnets

Wolf Brooch

Native Whale Pendant

 Custom Orders
Send in an image and have it laser cut! 
Custom Profile - Earrings . Necklace . Brooch

Custom Christmas Ornament
Tree Photo Pendant

Framed Art
The Daily Grind - Coffee Series - Rolled on Block Ink
Scandi Sweater Series - Hand Painted

 Key Chains in Leather or Wood

(Key Chains and Brooches can also come with a variety of different coloured painted sweaters)