Laser Cuts

Painted and Stained Selection
Hand Drawn and Painted Laser Cut Wood

Pendants . Brooches . Earrings . Magnets . Pins . Ornaments

Clip-On Wooden Bow Tie

My Wooden Bow Tie made an appearance in 
'Tickle the Imagination' magazine, issue 17 !! :)

Scandi Sweater Series as Framed Art

(A variety of colours and sizes available)

Custom Pendants



Framed Humpback Whales

Raw Wood Selection
Hand Drawn Laser Cut Wood

Humpback Whale Brooch or Magnet

Pendants . Earrings

Earrings . Buttons . Pins . Magnets

Wolf Brooch

Native Whale Pendant

 Custom Orders
Send in an image and have it laser cut! 
Custom Profile - Earrings . Necklace . Brooch

Custom Christmas Ornament
Tree Photo Pendant

Framed Art
The Daily Grind - Coffee Series - Rolled on Block Ink
Scandi Sweater Series - Hand Painted

 Key Chains in Leather or Wood

(Key Chains and Brooches can also come with a variety of different coloured painted sweaters)