Mackay Art Society Exhibition & Sale

May 20th & 21st

All works for sale at the Mackay Art Society Building
Address: Snow Wright Court, Beaconsfield

I've got a few works selling. Pop over and check out the exhibition. :)

Robin's Nest
(Mixed media on canvas - 100cm x 100cm)

Lino Printing Party Bags

For a Fantastic Mr. Fox themed party we had the kids each print their own party bag. I carved a lino-cut fox and boarder and they did a two coloured print.

Spray Painting Shirts

I had fun hosting a spray painting workshop for the homeschool group. Each kid used masking tape to create a design on their shirts and then they sprayed on colours of their choice. At first the shirts are quite stiff but after one regular wash they soften up. 

Art At The Nursing Home

It's been a year of volunteering with my kids at Good Shepherd Lodge and we have thoroughly enjoyed it. Most of the time the kids do a show and tell with the projects or tricks they have been working on or we enjoying doing music with the oldies. Besides that, it has been fun doing art with them. Here is a snap of some lino-cut prints on banners. I pre-cut the lino and the residents with dementia rolled and printed their own banners.

Community Gardens Leaf Print Making Workshop

Oops, forgot to post some snaps of my workshop day at the Mackay Community Gardens, better late than never. The kids gathered leaves and made little banners with the block ink and rollers.

 (Example banners)

The kids having a go at it. :)

Lino Printing Shirts

 Some shots of the fun the kids and I had putting lino cut designs on shirts! :)

Greenmount Heritage Fair

It's almost time for the FAIR again!! 

Here are some shots of the fun had at my branch weaving workshop last year. This was a part of the Mackay Community Gardens stall.